As a school administrator, you have a great responsibility. Parents entrust the lives and safety of their children to your care. You must take this obligation seriously and do all that you can to ensure that the well-being of your kids is never endangered. There are many basic safety precautions that you have put into place. In addition, you must keep your school clean. This can only be done by having the building disinfected on a regular basis.

Your janitorial staff works hard. They do the best that they can to rid the school of the dirt and grime that sticks to the surfaces of the school. But the biggest threat to the health of the children in your school are the many germs they bring into it.

Children are active. They run, jump, play, roll around on the ground, and constantly engage physically with one another. This is a healthy way of living. It is quite natural for kids to display this kind of behavior. The only problem is they exchange germs with one another. Sometimes they get sick, but more often they act as carriers of such germs. When they go home in the afternoon, they take the germs with them, which threatens the well-being of parents and other loved ones.

During flu season or outbreaks of highly contagious viruses primary and secondary schools become ground zero. As an administrator, you have a responsibility not only to the kids in your school but to the wider community to contain such illnesses by disinfecting your school. The latter can only be done by professionals. You must rely on a high-quality disinfecting service to get at the germs and to kill them where they exist. This can only be done using EPA-registered solvents that are strong, powerful, and effective. It can only be done by turning to a vendor that employs the latest technology.

The company you work with should be trustworthy and reliable. It should provide the best solutions and service to be found on the market. It should also deliver on its promises. You run a tight school schedule, which means that the disinfecting company you hire should arrive when it says it will. They should be able to get through the entire building in a timely fashion, and they should use solvents that have been approved by the relevant authorities. The company should also be thorough in picking up after itself. It should not leave any poisonous or harmful substances behind; nothing for the curious mind of a child to wonder about and explore.

The vendor you work with should also give you a guarantee on its work. You should not have to waste your time calling them back, but if you need to then they should respond promptly. You should never have to pay extra money for a disinfecting service to complete a job that it left undone. It is right for you to expect and demand nothing less than excellence and perfection from the vendor you hired.