Cleaning your house is an all-year-round routine. Although, when the flu invades your living space, you might have to take extra precautions to prevent it from infecting everyone in the household.

Your regular cleaning methods may rid your house of common germs. However, the flu is still capable of spreading on areas and surfaces where the infected family member comes in contact with.

So, to prevent the spread, you need to modify your usual ways. Here’s how you can properly disinfect your house after the flu:

Use Effective Disinfecting Products

To prevent the spread of the virus effectively, you have to treat it seriously with EPA-registered disinfectants that target flu germs. That’s one of your options. If you don’t have access to commercial disinfectants, you can turn to an alternative solution that you can easily mix with ordinary house supplies.

Since mild cleaners are certainly not potent enough to kill bacteria and viruses, you’ll have to use a stronger agent, such as chlorine bleach.

The homemade cleaning solution is quite easy to make. All you need is an empty plastic bottle spray container, chlorine bleach, and water.

Mix chlorine bleach with water: approximately 20ml or 1 ½ tablespoon of (8.25% sodium hypochlorite) bleach and 900ml of water. If you want to mix a gallon of the solution, the chlorine bleach should be at least ⅓ cup or a maximum of ½ cup.

Ways To Properly Disinfect The House From The Flu

Follow these few quick and easy steps to make sure that your house is free from the flu.


  • Trace all the areas that had been touched by the infected family member in all the rooms in the house. Use the disinfectant to wipe light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, tables, chairs, handles, lids, and other surfaces.
  • In the living room, you have to change the pillowcases, curtains, and other removable coverings on upholstery.
  • The kitchen is also a shared area, which means you have to constantly make sure that the utensils, tables, and chairs are disinfected.
  • The bathroom should also be thoroughly disinfected. Use the disinfectant to brush the toilet, sink, walls, and the floor. You can also discard the infected person’s toothbrush, and then disinfect the toothbrush holder.
  • The bedroom where the infected person has been resting is probably the most contaminated area of the house. You have to change the sheets, blankets, and curtains. Then, clean the whole room using your disinfectant by wiping the windows, headboard, computer keyboard and mouse, and the floor.

If you want to apply these disinfecting methods while the infected family member is still sick, feel free to do so, mostly on the shared spaces.

However, to make sure that no one else gets infected, a complete rundown of these steps should be performed right after the person gets better.


The key contributor to how you can effectively disinfect your house after being infected by the flu is using the right cleaning product. The rest of the cleaning methods are basically the same as the usual routine. You should, however, focus on the areas and surfaces that directly came in contact with the infected individual. And even if some may say that disinfecting your whole house sounds like an overreaction, some people do it for smart preventive care. Especially when you know, it’s what’s best for you and your family.

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