What Can You Do To Reduce Risk Of Exposure To The Covid-19 Coronavirus?


The CDC Recommends The Following:

Practice Good Hygiene With The Increase Of The Following Habits:

 * Wash Your Hands Frequently, Especially After Touching Any Frequently Used Service.

* Avoid Touching Your Face.

* Sneeze Or Cough Into A Tissue, Or The Inside Of Your Elbow.

* Disinfect Frequently Used Items And Surfaces As Much As Possible.

 Avoid Social Gathering In Groups Of 10 Or More People

Avoid Drinking Or Eating At Bars Or Restaurants.  Use Drive-Thru, Take-Out, And Food Delivery Service Options.

 Avoid Discretionary Travel, Shopping Trips, And Social Visits.

 Do Not Visit Nursing Homes, Retirement Facilities, Or Long-Term Care Facilities Unless To Provide Critical Care.

Wear A Mask When In Public.


Some Other Steps You Can Take To Reduce Risk Of Exposure To The Covid-19 Coronavirus. 

 Take An Inventory Of Everything In And Around Your Home Or Business That Is Touched Or Used On A Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Basis.

Are Those Items Being Cleaned, Sanitized, And/Or Disinfected On A Regular Basis.

If Not, Develop A Process Where That Starts Happening With Increased Frequency.

Additionally, Schedule Carpet Cleaning and Exterior Cleaning, Such As Pressure Washing And Window Cleaning On A More Frequent Basis.

Finally, Contract With A Professional Sanitization And/Or Professional Disinfection Company To Reduce And Eliminate Biological Hazards In Your Home Or Business.

Most commercial sanitizing and disinfection companies will use commercial equipment and products to insure your home or business is left free from pathogens that cause the illnesses with the greatest threat to human life.

Taking these steps now and continually pursuing a healthy environment for your home or business will go along in protecting your safety as well as the ones closest to you